20 Places to Find the Best Free Fonts for Your Brand

20 Places to Find the Best Free Fonts for Your Brand

Choosing the right font can even help optimize your conversion rate.

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Here are the different elements of typography:

  • Typeface
  • Fonts
  • Line length
  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Tracking


To find a font. You want to search for fonts that are unique to your brand, but also easy for your subscribers to read and comprehend.

  1. Font Freak

You can find over 9,000 free fonts from Font Freak. Instead of downloading fonts one at a time, you’ll have the option to download entire libraries of different designs.

One of the best features is that the majority of fonts are optimized for a Mac and PC version

  1. Creative Market

They offer fonts, but these fonts change each week. Every week, you can download their featured fonts, themes, and graphics for no charge.

Just make sure you act fast. Once the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, you’ll miss out on the free fonts from that week.

You can still download them, but you will have to pay a fee.

  1. Fontspace

All of the fonts are clearly labeled. You can tell right away if the fonts you like are for commercial use or for personal use only.

Hire a graphic designer who’s fonts you like.

  1. The Northern Block

gives your company the opportunity to work with creative designers from other countries.

Most of the fonts offered are modern and geometric.

These styles work well with companies in spaces such as: Electronic manufacturing | Mobile video games

  1. Fontstruct

download free fonts and build your own fonts for free

  1. 1001 Free Fonts

You can download some fonts for free or donate to the designer.

  1. Jeff Schreiber

Jeff is a graphic designer from the Netherlands.

Jeff is a talented artist who specializes in:


Graphic design


Type design

Web design


Logo design

User Interface design

Information design

He even offers fonts that are optimized for mobile applications.

The majority of Jeff Schreiber’s designs and services are available for a fee.

However, you can still find some options on his website that are free of charge.

  1. Typedepot

You can clearly see which fonts are completely free based on the banner in the top right corner.

They have a cool blog that discusses different fonts and the evolution of letters and numbers over time.

Typedepot is a great place to work with talented and passionate designers.

  1. Fontfabric

Lots of the fonts are simple and great for logos.

A well-designed logo can improve engagement on your website.

  1. Font Squirrel

have feature called “Font Identifier” search.

Have you seen a font somewhere that you like? I know I have.

I’ve spent time browsing through different fonts but couldn’t find a match.

The font identifying option from Font Squirrel lets you upload an image with the font that you’ve seen from a random source.

They scan the image and help you come up with that specific font or a font with a similar design.

  1. Google Fonts

Once you find a font that you like, just type your content directly on their website to generate a preview.

Then select how you want to display your words such as:





You can also customize the pixel size from 8px to 112 px.

Google Fonts lets you further customize the display with options like:

Thin 100

Thin 100 Italic

Light 300

Light 300 Italic

Regular 400

Regular 400 Italic

Medium 500

Once you finish the customization process, you can copy the link to embed the font on your website.

Add one font at a time or add multiple font families to your website.

Google Fonts also lets you add or change colors to the fonts on their platform.

I would definitely recommend checking out their website as a quality resource for free fonts.

  1. The League of Moveable Type

Their fonts range from bold and black to bright and colorful.

They also offer nice fonts for subscriptions and newsletters.

  1. Impallari Type

They display the font in different styles.

You’ll see what the font looks like as a heading, sub header, and regular font all in one preview.

Other websites only display one of these three options on the preview page.

To see the additional options, you’ll need to download the font first or make additional clicks.

Their display gives you an accurate depiction of what your blogs and website pages will look like if you download and apply these fonts.

They have free options and constantly add new features to their platform.

  1. Urban Fonts

They offer plenty of free options for your brand.

You can find really unique graffiti and calligraphy designs on their platform as well.

Some of their other popular categories include:







Urban Fonts lets you preview your content directly on their website.

  1. Abstract Fonts

Some of the unique categories that separate Abstract Fonts from the crowd include:









If you’re searching for fonts that are different from the traditional styles found on the majority of websites, Abstract Fonts is a top option.

  1. FontZone

FontZone lets you preview the options directly on their website before you download anything.

That way you can see exactly how your content will look before wasting time downloading something you won’t use.

  1. Acid Fonts

For those of you that are unsure about specific font names, you can search by category.

Some of their unique categories include:





Fire and ice


  1. Fawnt

It’s a German website that offers reliable and high-quality fonts.

You can download the designs for free and use them for your brand.

The Fawnt homepage displays their most popular options.

It also tells you how many times each font was downloaded through their platform.

Fawnt allows you to customize previews and displays all of the letters and characters available for download with each font.

  1. MyFonts

To navigate to the free ones, just select the “Free Fonts” option from the menu in the top left corner.

It’s funny – when people want something for free, they may not think to look somewhere that items are sold.

MyFonts is a perfect example of this.

They primarily advertise their fonts for sale.

But you can still download plenty of free fonts and use them for your brand.

  1. DaFont

DaFont allows you to download and install designs if you have:

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Mac OS X

You can search by top fonts, themes, designers, and new fonts.

To ensure you can utilize a font for commercial use, just make sure you check off “public domain” while you’re searching.

You can also check the “free” box to weed out the fonts for sale.


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